Wood Fence Installation

If you are looking for a cheap but aesthetic solution to a boundary fence, a wooden fence is perfect for you. Having this fence type built in your property, you can keep children and pets inside. Our complete wooden fences will satisfy all budgets and tastes. We have an excellent variety of wooden fencing supplies.

Why a Wooden Fence?

We understand that you have a unique reason you want a wooden fence, including the safety of the children, security, privacy, keeping animals in or out, and improving your property’s curb appeal. The wood material can be painted or stained to add to your personal touch.

Security and longevity

Our fences provide enhanced security, and you can depend on their durability. We utilize trusted preservative measures to prolong the service life of the wood fencing, regardless of the climate and other environmental elements. Since the fences are made from premium-grade materials and finishing, you are getting the best value for your money.

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Wooden Fence Installation

If you are someone who values privacy and is wanting a fence for an affordable price, then a wooden fence design is ideal for you. Made from hardwood or pine wood, a timber fence has hardwood wooden posts, wooden fence railings, being finished off with wooden fence palings. These fences are generally the most affordable option for your backyard security, and provide a sturdy option for keeping your pets and family safe, while having great privacy while at home. This page will go through everything you need to know about wooden fence installation Brisbane.

Timber Fence

We can see different wooden fence designs in our neighborhood, such as a lapped fence, lapped & capped fence, Steel Posts combined with Treated Pine Fence, butt-up fence, Timber Slat, Picket Fencing, and Standard Paling Fence. Let us take a glimpse at some types of wooden fence designs;

Lapped Fence

If you are a person who values privacy, then a lapped fence design is the ideal design for you. It has two layers of wooden fence palings overlapping each other that are geared to reduce or eliminate the in-between palings’ gap. Usually, the paling’s back ski is about 150 mm, and it is about 100 mm wide for its top skin. This is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the wooden fence while maintaining the top palings’ even in-between spaces.

Butt up Fence

If you want to have a wooden fence but tight in budget, you may consider having a butt fence because it is economical and may be considered a cheaper option. This is the design wherein there is no gap between the wooden fence palings for simply the palings are being “butt” up against each other. There may be a certain drawback for this type of design, for there may be a possibility that the palings will shrink in due time.

Lapped & Capped Fence

Neatness in appearance is the impression you can have in this design, and it is considered one of the very popular designs in Sydney. In a lapped & capped fence, you will be using 100 mm wide palings for the top in overlapping the back skin palings that usually measure 150 mm wide. To improve the fence’s appearance and have it neatly done, the palings’ top is left square. Its then treated under a pine capping running along the fences’ top.

Steel Post with Treated Pine Fence

Recent trends show that people are already leaning towards galvanised steel posts and treated pine fences. This may be triggered by practicality for the longevity of the materials of the fence. For one, the steel post, unlike the wooden posts, does not warp and is not prone to damages brought by termites and white ants. It is also cheaper when it comes to having wooden fence repairs.

Picket Fencing

There are a variety of picket fence designs that you can choose from that can enhance the homey atmosphere of your house while maintaining your privacy. This is the style that is used to block offs and returns to the side of the house.  The timber used is of high quality and smooth finish that can be best enhanced through painting.

How to build a wooden fence

Visualizing your preferred wooden fence design can give you the wooden design ideas to make it easier to put up a wooden fence to your house. You can have it a DIY fence, or you may opt to engage the services of professionals who got the expertise in installing a wooden fence. Before heading on nailing those wooden fence panels, you must do some preparatory actions and precautionary measures such as determining the actual metes and bounds of your property for you may not want to encroach your neighbour’s property, seek building permit and check regulatory measures, and codes pertaining to wooden fences this is to avoid any future legal entanglements.

If you are using a pre-assembled panel, you must divide the linear footage of fencing based on the panel length of your preferred wooden fence design. This is to estimate the number of wooden panels and wooden posts needed to build the wooden fence. Additional panels will be used for the remaining footage, of which you may add two panels in order to estimate the number of posts that will be needed.

Measuring and Laying Out of The Fence Posts

Measuring the perimeter of the fence can be done through the use of a string line and a batter board or a mason’s line. To complete the perimeter, you must run the string line parallel to the house, then run it in perpendicular lines and crossing the string lines in the corners.

Dig Holes

Before you dig holes for your wooden fence posts, you must coordinate with your community’s local authorities regarding any regulatory measures regarding digging holes. You may opt to use a post hole digger, or you can use a two-person auger.

Position Posts

After your holes are dug, you must pour around 50kg of concrete into the base of the hole. Have the wooden post position at the middle of the hole and pour the prepared concrete mix into the hole. Let the concrete set overnight, after the concrete has set the following day you can start attaching the fence palings to the posts.

Post Caps

You cannot finish building the fence without attaching a post cap to the posts. You can tap each cap with a rubber mallet and have each one snug fit the post.

Other Wooden Fence Ideas

Garden fence

Having a garden makes a countryside ambiance in your place and having a garden fence is the best way to keep your garden protected from some animals that might destroy your blossoming flowers and plants. Having a garden fence is easy and considered budget friendly, for it is usually made of wooden sticks and a black plastic netting.

Wood fence extension

If you already have an existing fence, but it seems that it is enough to ward off some “oldie” neighbors that are fond of pepping to your backyard, especially when you are having some fun with your friends, then you may opt to have a privacy extension to your fence. You can add some wooden posts to the existing fence to increase its height and add lattice to the wood, or you can have it extended with wooden fence panels.

Since having a fence extension will connote that there will be an “additional height” to your fence, you must also coordinate with the local authorities pertaining to any existing regulatory measures regarding fence extension.

Wooden Fence Repairs

A wooden fence is inevitably subject to an ordinary deterioration that is being triggered by environmental factors such as rain, wind, humidity, and snow. The untreated wooden fence post that is buried underground will naturally undergo decaying for the acidic mineral components of the soil.

There are basic tools that you will need in case that you wanted to have a DIY repair. These commonly used tools are Saber Saw, Coping Saw, Primers, and a hammer. You will be using these tools in order to have the necessary fence repairs.

Wooden fence cost

The wooden fence cost entirely depends on your preferred wooden design and style. The type of wood to be used and the size of your yard are the variables that determine the cost of your fence. Using a simple mathematical calculation wherein those variables are considered, and the labor cost as the professional fee for the installation of your wooden fence will approximately determine the wooden fence cost. You must remember that the cost for each type of wooden fence entirely depends on your location for the material, and labor cost varies in each place. It is better to seek professional services to properly assess the cost you will incur in having a wooden fence.

If you want to have a wooden fence or have a wooden fence repair but still cannot make up your mind, you are still in a quandary as to its cost. It is better to contact us, and we are very much willing to assist you in having a Wooden fence cost and price quotes for the wooden fence repairs. It is better that you already have a clearer idea as to the wooden fence cost or the price quote for your wooden fence repairs so that you will be able to apportion the necessary budget for your wooden fence.

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